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The worry and tension that might frequently accompany a trip to the dentist can be greatly reduced by using sedation dentistry. The right sedative treatments can make visits to the dentist less frightening and intimidating for many Americans who have mild dental anxiety.

Dr. Oza-Chaughtai specializes in treating patients with dental anxiety at Westbury Dental Spa. Our sedation dentistry services can ease your anxiety, whether it stems from a fear of the dentist or anticipation of an oral operation.

Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients have access to sedation throughout all treatments, and it can help with a variety of concerns that may arise during consultations. We might suggest sedation if

  • You have worry or trepidation when seeing the dentist because of dental issues.
  • You have trouble staying still for extended periods of time, you’ll be getting several treatments, or you need to have complicated oral surgery.
  • You find it challenging to cope with the process of numbing your gums and mouth since you’re frightened of needles.
  • You are anxious about having a dental procedure that requires drilling or surgery since you have a very low pain threshold.
  • Your gag reflex is really powerful. When you’re sedated, your gag reflex can be suppressed, keeping you more comfortable, especially for procedures near the back of your mouth

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