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Do You Have A Root Canal Infection? Signs & Prevention

Root canal infection happens when bacteria enter the interior of the teeth because of trauma or dental decay. As the infection can grow rapidly after the bacteria infects the fragile pulp substance of the interior of the tooth, individuals with a root canal infection must visit a dentist for treatment immediately. To remove the infected pulp and save the tooth, root canal treatment is an effective procedure.

Knowing the symptoms of a root canal infection will help you consult the dentist promptly for dental care and treatment. Here are the signs and prevention for root canal infection.

Warning Signs: Pain

The primary indication that someone has a root canal infection is pain, which prompts them to seek dental care. A root canal infection leaves a trail of excruciating anguish. When you chew or apply force to the hurt tooth, the pain gets worse. Additionally, eating or drinking cold or hot things can make your teeth more sensitive. Gum inflammation is another potential source of discomfort. The gum becomes red and sensitive as a result of the swelling. The majority of the time, the area around the impacted tooth experiences discomfort and swelling.

Warning Signs: Tooth Darkening

The tooth may seem brown or yellow if the inner layer is affected. The pulp tissues turn dark brown as the infection gets to them, changing the color of the tooth. The decaying or necrotic pulp material will be removed during the root canal treatment, and the space will be replaced with gutta-percha. A dental crown will also be placed on the tooth to enhance its appearance.

Warning Signs: Dental Abscess

When decaying pulp and germs produce big, pus-filled pockets around the tooth root, an abscess in the mouth results. This develops as a persistent or enlarged red bump or pimple on the gum that produces extreme uneasiness and poor smell. The abscess may also begin to leak a foul-smelling substance.

Warning Signs: Chronic Bad Breath

Most patients with root canal infections have persistent foul breath. Even after utilizing dental washes, brushing, and flossing, if the bad breath persists, there is likely an infection. Root canal infection is caused by bacteria that emit an odor. This results in foul breath and an unpleasant aftertaste. The condition may get worse if abscess forms.

Root Canal Infection Prevention

There are many ways you can take care of your teeth to prevent a root canal infection. The following are some tips you should follow to avoid getting a root canal infection:

  • You should brush and floss twice daily.
  • Rinse with a gentle, antibacterial mouthwash.
  • To maintain the general health of your teeth and to identify decay or infections early, schedule dental cleanings twice a year.
  • If you see any early indications of infection, consult your dentist straight away.

Westbury Dental Spa can assist if you need to see a dentist for root canal treatments. To reduce tooth discomfort, our root canal treatments can help save and repair severely broken or infected teeth. Simply schedule an appointment online when you’re ready, and we’ll contact you.

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