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5 Great Benefits Of Wisdom Teeth Removal in NY

Most people have had their wisdom teeth partially or completely removed. Typically, most individuals would have undergone the extraction because our dentist said so. It is possible that your wisdom tooth was in an uncomfortable position or applying undue pressure to your jaw or neighboring teeth. Your dentist likely informed you numerous times that your wisdom tooth would not fit when you had your wisdom tooth extracted. Although that was accurate, getting your wisdom teeth removed has a lot of other advantages. If you are interested in knowing more, here are five benefits of wisdom teeth removal.

Less Crowding Means Fewer Orthodontic Problems

Wisdom teeth can affect your teeth as they grow and develop, causing damage to other molars. When there is not enough room for them, wisdom teeth can eventually cause alignment issues when other teeth are pushed out of the way. Therefore, extracting your wisdom teeth decreases the probability that you will need costly orthodontic treatments like braces to realign your teeth. Having your wisdom teeth removed if you have already worn braces lessens the likelihood that your well-deserved smile may be compromised.

Prevent Damage to Nearby Teeth

Wisdom teeth place pressure on adjoining teeth, which can weaken or even damage the roots of those teeth or grind down the enamel, leaving those teeth vulnerable to decay and bone loss. Additionally, cleaning wisdom teeth is challenging due to their difficulty in being reached. Affected wisdom teeth are those that have fully sprouted and have painfully erupted.

Decrease the Possibility of Oral Disease and Inflammation

If you keep the afflicted wisdom teeth for a long time, you risk developing gum disease and dental cavities. Gum inflammation is a common side effect of affected wisdom teeth and is notoriously difficult to cure. A deadly disease called sepsis can develop from gum infections that reach the nerves or bloodstream. Sepsis affects the rest of the body.

Alleviated Orofacial Pain

Wisdom teeth removal also provides the additional benefit of reducing discomfort in addition to avoiding illness and cavities. It is possible to relieve pressure, lessen gum sensitivity, and lessen tooth sensitivity thanks to the removal of those pesky third molars. Chronic headaches are brought on by wisdom tooth pressure. The result is better-looking teeth and fewer limits on what you can eat and drink.

Prevent Tumors, Cysts, and Jaw Disorder

Affected wisdom teeth provide a breeding habitat for bacteria, which in turn produce tumors or cysts that deteriorate the jawbone and induce excruciating joint pain, which will eventually call for TMJ treatment.

Losing a tooth can have a negative impact on both your dental health and your smile’s aesthetics. Losing teeth is inevitable due to a variety of circumstances. Fortunately, you can rely on our skilled dental team at Westbury Dental Spa if you need your wisdom teeth removed! We guarantee that if you opt for our teeth extraction services, your teeth will look fantastic and you will recover quickly in our care. Simply make an online appointment with us to get started!

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