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What Happens To The Abscess After Tooth Extraction?

A tooth or gum infection is one of the leading causes of extractions. A dental abscess is an accumulation of pus brought on by bacterial invasion inside the teeth or gums. White blood cells assist the body’s natural defense system, which the human body uses to fight infection. If you are wondering what happens afterward to the abscess following a tooth extraction, here is a guide to understanding them.

What Is an Abscess?

Pus, also known as an abscess, is an accumulation of dead cells, germs, and tissues that appears as a thick fluid in a variety of colors based on the infection site.

Neutrophils are substances made by the human body that consume germs before being naturally metabolized. Most of the pus is made up of dead neutrophils. Dental abscesses come in two different varieties. The periodontal abscess forms on the gums and the periapical abscess forms on the teeth.

What Happens to the Abscess After Tooth Extraction?

If you already have an infection before having a tooth extracted, the dentist will first provide some medicines to treat it. After having a tooth extracted, it’s possible to occasionally get an infection or an abscess. The presence of a fresh, vulnerable spot for the germs is the cause of this. Since there will be no mouthwash or other means of sterilizing for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours, bacteria will have plenty of time to play. Within 48 hours of having a tooth out, bleeding is the first sign of an abscess developing.

It is better to visit a dentist right away rather than ignore it. Depending on the severity, your dentist will give you antibiotics or other options for treatment. Even when there is no abscess, some doctors nevertheless recommend antibiotics before any tooth extraction to eradicate any remaining bacteria. The idea is that when there are germs present, more anesthetic is needed.

Symptoms of Infection After Tooth Extraction

If you are unsure whether you have an infection, there are some signs to look out for. These signs include pain in the jaw, swollen jaw, warmth and redness, swelling of gums, tenderness, puffed up glands of the neck, throbbing pain in the jaw, foul mouth odor, persistent pain even after the use of painkillers, teeth sensitivity to temperature, fatigue, fever, and if you notice a metallic or bitter taste.

However, there are some complications to look out for related to abscess formation. After tooth extraction, infection or abscess formation is serious. If it is not treated, it develops into sepsis.  It is a disease where the infection escapes from its site of origin and spreads to further places of the body via blood flow. As a result, other organs are easily reached by the germs traveling through blood and begin to shut down.

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