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Molar Tooth Broken Off At The Gum Line: What’s Next?

Experiencing a broken tooth is never enjoyable. However, one of the most frequent dental emergencies is a broken tooth. The severity of these broken tooth incidents can vary from little chips to whole fractures. In addition to being painful, a broken tooth typically needs immediate dental care. Here is what you should do if you experience a molar tooth broken at the gum line.

Symptoms of a Broken Tooth

You may be able to detect the missing portion of your teeth with your tongue if your molar fractures at the gum line. The sharp and jagged edge of the remaining fragment may still be felt in your gum. Visual examination of your mouth will probably reveal that your tooth is broken. Unfortunately, without the specialized equipment and lighting that a dentist has access to, it could be challenging for you to view your molar.

If you happen to see a broken tooth, the exposed pulp and dentin inside your tooth may make it appear yellow or pink. It could be an indication of tooth decay if it is dark brown or black in color.

Additionally, wounds on your gums or tongue or ruptured blood vessels inside the tooth may cause you to taste blood. There is a good chance that the exposed nerve roots will cause you pain if the inner pulp is revealed. Sometimes, a broken tooth may not even cause any pain, or it may cause waves of discomfort. The tongue or surrounding gum tissue may become inflamed as a result of scraping against the tooth’s sharp edges.

What You Should Do Next

Consult your dentist as quickly as you can for any dental emergencies, including a broken tooth. The faster your dentist can inspect your teeth, the higher the likelihood that the procedure will go well and without issues. There’s a considerable probability that the injury is severe enough to necessitate extraction if your molar is fractured below the gum line. You can also try calling local dental offices to see if they could fit you in if you’re abroad and don’t have access to your family dentist. Most dentists build time into their schedules to handle emergencies. Visit the emergency room if you can’t get an appointment at the dental clinic.

How Is a Broken Molar Treated?

Subgingival fractures are teeth that have broken below the gum line. The extent of the damage and how promptly you seek treatment will determine if your tooth could be salvaged. To be able to heal your fractured tooth, your dentist may need to recontour your bone through a process known as crown lengthening. Your dentist might be able to fuse your broken tooth back together if you can locate the individual pieces. However, it will probably need to be extracted if the damage goes past your gum line.

If you require a tooth extraction, Westbury Dental Spa’s qualified dental professionals can help. We guarantee that working with us will ensure that your tooth extraction procedure runs smoothly and that you recover quickly. All you must do is simply make an online appointment!

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