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Before implant placement, lateral ridge augmentation has become a common treatment option to increase the recipient sites’ insufficient bone volume. Bone grafting materials and replacements are alternate filler materials to be employed for ridge augmentation to prevent harvesting an autograft and minimize additional surgical treatments and hazards.

Learn More About Lateral Ridge Augmentation Bone Grafts

Ridge augmentation is a frequent application for bone grafting. After a tooth is lost due to trauma, congenital defects, periodontal disease, or infection, ridge augmentation helps restore your gums and jaw’s natural contour. It may be necessary to repair both the hard and soft tissues to achieve the optimal quantity of gum and bone to maintain the surrounding restorations or implants.

Your jawbone and gums may decompose naturally after losing one or more teeth, leaving an indent where the tooth once was. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone recedes. This indentation not only makes the replacement tooth appear unnaturally out of proportion to the surrounding teeth, but it also makes the area around it difficult to maintain clean. With ridge augmentation, the recessed area of the jaw and gums are filled in using bone- and tissue-grafting techniques, providing you with a smooth gum line that coincides with your dental implant.

Signs You Need Lateral Ridge Augmentation Bone Grafts

Some patients are qualified for dental implant treatment without a bone graft necessary. However, some symptoms indicate that you need a bone graft. First off, you are more likely to need a bone graft if you have lost teeth without dental implants. Secondly, if you’ve ever had gum disease, you should go for a bone graft surgery as certain severe gum diseases can move to the jawbone. Lastly, if you have a jaw injury and are healing, a bone graft will be more suited for you.

Benefits of Lateral Ridge Augmentation Bone Grafts

The key factor that makes ridge augmentation an essential procedure is the abnormalities that can develop if the bone is allowed to repair haphazardly. Even though it is a normal part of the healing process, once enough bone has formed, the bone can be whittled down and shaped to support a secure and healthy jaw alignment.

Along with helping to restore the jaw’s natural shape, it will also lessen the likelihood that the jawbone may become indented. Indentation of the jawbone develops when the jawbone is not retaining a tooth anymore. These dents can give a mouth that otherwise appears healthy a deformed appearance. Once the ridge augmentation procedure is finished, the jawbone will accept the bone graft and maintain its original shape, providing you with a nice, tidy appearance.

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There is no one-size-fits-all method for lateral ridge augmentation bone grafts, but at Westbury Dental Spa, we’ll figure out what works best for you. We are committed to offering cutting-edge treatments for all of your oral health challenges and making you relaxed through the procedure.

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