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The mulish stains may not go away with just bleaching, and that is when it is wise to turn to professional laser whitening treatment.

The options for teeth whitening are almost endless today, and laser whitening treatment is one of the most popular professional options. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses a laser to whiten teeth.

Microabrasion is another conservative method of removing enamel, it is a quick and painless solution to improving discolorations on the teeth.

Both laser whitening and microabrasion are clinically proven methods of teeth whitening. Bleaching may not be enough to remove stains caused by braces, tooth decay, accidents, trauma, smoking, and medications.

The process of microabrasion involves the usage of pumice and hydrochloric acid, which gently removes thin layers of tooth enamel, eventually removing the stains. The procedure only takes about an hour, but it leaves effects that last a lifetime. Since it only involves the removal of microlayers of enamel, it is proven to be a safe method.

People often wonder if the laser whitening method is safe as it runs the risk of dehydrating teeth because of its high peroxide concentration. However, when done in a reliable and professional laser whitening clinic and with gentle post-treatment care, they are absolutely safe options to choose from.

At Westbury Dental Spa, our dentist’s use of Diode Laser by Biolase is for laser whitening. Since laser whitening treatment requires post-treatment care, we also include custom-made bleach trays to take home and help patients keep up with their bright new smiles.

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