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Ready for a Beautiful and Healthy Teeth Transformation?

Oral rehabilitation is a specialty of dentistry focusing on the urgent restoration of teeth to reestablish functionality and cosmetic harmony. Dental prostheses are used in these restorations, which can be completed in just one day and address aesthetic issues or missing teeth. Oral rehabilitation comprises integrated treatment through removable and fixed prostheses, occlusion, and dental implants. If you are looking for oral rehabilitation, choose Westbury Dental Spa! We have everything you need to help you restore your teeth to their normal and healthy condition.

Learn More About Rehabilitation

The term “oral rehabilitation” is used to refer to several types of oral therapy. Oral rehabilitation is typically thought of by dentists as restoring every tooth in a patient’s mouth. But when a mouth’s only affected teeth are repaired, that too could be referred to as oral rehabilitation. The best course of action is determined after the patient’s mouth damage is identified and diagnosed.

They are difficult procedures, and complete urgent oral rehabilitation requires repairing teeth in the upper or lower arches, or both. Oral rehabilitation works well in conjunction with other disciplines like periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics.

Patients with extremely advanced dental issues such as serious dental decay, which can lead to numerous tooth loss, or chronic sleep bruxers, which is the extremely advanced wear of the teeth, are advised to receive this treatment.

Based on your dentist’s assessment, your dentist may propose a mixture of dental treatments as part of your oral rehabilitation. These can include cleaning and polishing your gums and teeth, crown lengthening to reveal healthy, strong tooth structures for prospective crowns or bridges, as well as replacing any dental restorations and tooth deterioration that are currently present.

Signs You Need Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation focuses on repairing damaged teeth, addressing dental deficiencies, and enhancing the appearance and phonetics of your teeth. Typical signs that could call for oral rehabilitation include crooked teeth that make it difficult to bite, several lost teeth as a result of decay or trauma, teeth that are short, extremely worn, broken, or chipped, and the wearing down of your teeth due to continuous acid erosion.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

Some benefits of rehabilitation are that it can help to replace missing teeth, repair teeth alignment, fill in gaps, treat periodontal diseases, and improve TMD symptoms, while also giving you a beautiful and comfortable smile, resulting in a boost in self-confidence as well as improved oral health. Fortunately, Westbury Dental Spa offers quality rehabilitation that will help you get the beautiful and perfect smile you have always wanted.

Get a Beautiful, Healthy Smile at Westbury Dental Spa

The dentists at Westbury Dental Spa are here to assist you in getting the attractive and healthy smile you deserve. Since your health and wellness are our top priorities, we provide free first consultation along with a thorough but affordable treatment plan that is created especially for you.

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